Osp server Quake 3 Arena
How do i set up a own osp server on q3?

Ok i figured i should try explain here how to set up a own osp server on Quake 3 Arena. That will save me alot of time so i dont need explain every time someone ask me on the server. This manual if writed for osp 0,99n1 on quake 3 arena pointrelease 1,11/1,16. It works same on 1.32 but it is a other osp version there.

*OSP is shortname for Orange smoothie OSP is in my eyes the best server program for Quake 3 Arena.

*What basic things to have in mind about gameservers? Good upload. Many thinks because they have good downloadspeed mean they also can host a good gameserver. What many dont seems to understand is a gameserver mainly use your uploadspeed. If you want a server that give good ping to the players so do you have to get a good uploadspeed on your connection. Also it is good to have good memory (ram). The best condition for a gameserver is if you can run it on a seperate computer that you dont work with. Have in mind when you dl stuff from the internet it take some power from your gameserver. Thats why the best is if you have the option to run the server on a seperate computer.

Ok let us get started. The first you have to do is ofcourse to install Quake 3 Arena on your computer if you dont already have it installed. Then you go to the downloadsection on this site and download OSP 0,99n1. When you have downloaded that file you have to extract the file to your quake 3 arena folder. That will automatic create a osp folder in your quake 3 arena folder. When that is done you go again to my site and download q3batfile. Extract that batfile to your quake 3 arena folder. When all this is done you have everything installed to start to set up your server the way you want it to be. Let us do this step by step. First decide what kind of server you want to create. Let us say you want a 1vs1 all weapon server. Open your osp folder that is located in your quake 3 arena folder. There in the osp folder you will find a file named 1v1.cfg dubbleclick on that file. If it ask what program you want to use to open it with so choose Notepad. What you will see now is a servercfg. A server cfg is the file that decide what kind of server it is. Without a server cfg it is not possible to run a server. It is in the cfg file you set up all settings for your server. This is some good stuff to know i will write down the most importent settings. Some of them i write down here dont is in that 1v1.cfg file but you can ofcourse add them to the cfg file if you want.

set sv_pure 0 (I strongly suggest to set this to 0)

set server_ospauth 0 (Also here i strongly suggest to set this to 0 ,if 1 you cant connect to your own server)

set sv_hostname "1v1 - OSP Tourney DM" (Here you write the name of your server)

set sv_maxclients 6 (Here you set number of players that can be on server at same time)

set g_gametype 1 (Tells the server what gametype it is 1=1vs1 ,2=ffa ,3=tdm ,4=ctf ,5=clanarena)

set timelimit 5
set fraglimit 10
set capturelimit 8
set roundlimit 7
set dmflags 0 (If you dont want example fallingdamage so set this to 8)

// Referee password
set ref_password "none" (put in a ref password of your own choose)
set rconPassword "none" (put in a rcon password of your own choose)

set sv_privateClients "1" (If you want private spots on the server for example be able to join if server is full. Have in mind if you have maxplayers 6 and set 1 on this line will mean only 5 players can join the server. So for every raise here you have to raise the maxplayernumber with same value if you still want same number of public players on your server)

set sv_privatePassword "none" (Here you write the password you have to use to connect in a private spot.)

// Match settings
set g_doWarmup 1 (1= do warmup , 0= no warmup)

set g_warmup 10 (how many secunds you want the warmup to be)

// ==============================
// ==============================
set g_allowVote "1"  (1= allowing voting on the server , 0=voting not aloved)

// other settings
set sv_maxRate "25000" (Here you set the maxrate on your server)

set g_motd "welcome to my server" (Here you write a message you want to be seen under the servername when players connect)


map q3dm17 (Here you put what map the server will host when you start the server.


Maprotation. If you want your server to switch map after every match so do it have to stand this way in the cfg file

// Map settings
set map_queue 1
set map_rotate 1
set map_file "cfg-maps/ffamaps.txt"
set map_once 1
set map_random 1
set map_nocount 0

By set it up that way will mean the server will load a randommap from the ffamaps.txt file that is located in the cfg-maps folder in your osp folder. In that ffamaps.txt file you decide what maps you want to have on your server. It can look like this

q3dm4 00 06 25 0 15 -1
q3dm5 00 06 25 0 15 -1
q3dm6 04 14 25 0 20 -1
q3dm7 04 99 30 0 20 -1

If only that stand there so is dm4 ,dm5 ,dm6 and dm7 available on your server. If you want more maps so do you have to add them in the list. Let us say you wanna add q3dm17 to your server. Then just add it under q3dm7 in the list.

q3dm4 00 06 25 0 15 -1
q3dm5 00 06 25 0 15 -1
q3dm6 04 14 25 0 20 -1
q3dm7 04 99 30 0 20 -1
q3dm17 02 14 30 0 20 -1

Notice the numbers they have to stand there if you want different fragglimit ,timelimit etc etc on every map. I never have tested to disable the numbers but i guess it can work without the numbers but im not sure. But to be sure so just put some numbers after. Best way is to try experiense with it and figure out yourself.

If you dont want your server to switch map after the match so do you have to put this in'

set map_file "cfg-maps/ffamaps.txt"
set map_halt "0"
set map_nocount "1"
set map_once "0"
set map_queue "0"
set map_random "1"
set map_rotate "0"

This will do so the server always have same map on the server every match.


If you want to have a Instagib server so is some changes required in your cfg file. In the cfg it is a section named Item settings. To get instagib so put this in.

set replace_machinegun "1"
set replace_shotgun "2"
set replace_glauncher "4"
set replace_rlauncher "8"
set replace_lightning "16"
set replace_railgun "32"
set replace_plasmagun "64"
set replace_bfg "128"
set start_health "130"
set start_armor "0"
set start_bullets "100"
set start_shells "0"
set start_rockets "0"
set start_grenades "0"
set start_lightning "0"
set start_slugs "999"
set start_cells "0"
set start_bfg "0"
set weapon_deaddrop "0"
set weapon_have "32"
set weapon_start "32"
set item_disable "1023"
set powerup_disable "255"
set railgun_damage "400"
set gauntlet_damage "50"
set armor_q2style "0"

As you can see i have putted up little more things here. By put this in your cfg you get instagib and also can easy change alot of stuff like disable just some weapons and powerups. You can also change damage on the gauntlet and your weapon. If you put this in as it stand now you will get a real rail instagib server without powerups. Every weapon have a number Machinegun=1 ,shotgun=2 ,grenadelauncher=4 ,rocketlauncher=8 ,lightninggun=16 ,railgun=32 ,plasmagun=64 ,bfg=128. Let us say you only want rocketlauncher on the server then simply put 8 instead for 32 on set weapon_have and set weapon_start. If you want rocketlauncer and shotgun only so write 10 on that 2 lines. 2+8=10. But railonly is 32.

                           Get your server up

When you have do all setup finish in your cfg file so is it time to actually get your server to start. First go to your quake 3 arena folder rightclick on your Bat file and choose Edit. Now a window will appear on your monitor. Let us say you shall use the 1v1.cfg it have to stand this in that window.

quake3 +set dedicated 2 +set fs_game osp +exec 1v1.cfg

if you use a other cfg so replace 1v1.cfg in that line with the name of the cfg you wanna use. When you have fixxed this line you save it. Then dubbleclick on the batfile and the quake 3 arena console will appear on your monitor. Also a black window will appear. The black window you can close. The blue q3 console is your server. To make sure it really is running so write status in the white field in the console. If this come up so do that mean your server is running.

map: q3dm17
num score ping name lastmsg address qport rate
--- ----- ---- --------------- ------- --------------------- ----- -----

Notice if you close the blue console so do that mean you close the server.

That is basically what you have to do to set up a own server with OSP.

                   Admin your server

1 reason i prefer osp server is the possibilityes to admin it. You can do it in your q3 console on the deskboard and when you are connected on the server. As i see it many start servers up just to play around with ref and rcon. Sure that can be fun but if you plan to run a server more serious so do i suggest to dont play around with it to much. Players who connect and wanna play, easy can be angry and never return to your server if you fooling around to much and kick players for nothing and stuff like that. The risk is also your server will get a bad name out there. As i see it if you put good and hard work on set up your server good from the beginning so will you almost never be needed to use ref or rcon. I can honestly say only 1 of 20 times i connect to Panteras 1vs1 server i login as ref. But it is good to know how to use the function. Let us say your ref password is eagle.

To login. Bring down the console and write /ref eagle  that will log you in as ref. You can now get up a list of commands by write /r_help there you see all commands and actions you can do with ref password. Some of the majorthings people use to use ref to is to change fragglimit , timelimit or kick a player so i only go thru thoose 3 actions here.

Fragglimit. Let us say you wanna change fragglimit to 20. Bring down console and write /ref fl 20  (fl =shorthname for fragglimit) that will change the fragglimit to 20.

Timelimit. Let us say you wanna change the timelimit to 20. Bring down console and write /ref tl 20  (tl=shorthname for timelimit) that will change the timelimit to 20.

Kick a player. This can be done in 2 ways. Let us say you want to kick a player named Pantera. Bring down the console and write /ref kick Pantera  that will kick Pantera from your server. But as we all know many players have long and complicated nicks so do i prefer to use a other way to kick a player. First i bring down the console and write /players that will show you a list of all players on the server.

map: q3dm17
num score ping name lastmsg address qport rate
--- ----- ---- --------------- ------- --------------------- ----- -----
5       7     15 ektomorf 
6       3     23 0z 
7       3     23 [I]PAHKU 
8       0     10 UnnameD nOOb 
9       7     14 Fess 
10     7      61 B.A.D.

Ok let us now say we shall kick Oz (sorry Oz i use you as an example :) ) then you look on the first number and you see he have number 6. Write in console /ref kick 6  that will kick player number 6 from your server in this case Oz.

Then we also have rcon password. with rcon you can do everything with your server. Some examples. Let us say your rcon password is dreams.

/rcon dreams g_gravity 700    This will change the gravity on your server to 700 to see what default value is just write /rcon dreams g_gravity  then the server will tell you the default value.

/rcon dreams g_gametype 4  This will change the gametype to CTF.

I dont go in deeper in rcon here.


I hope this site have helped you abit with your server. If you have any questions mail me or ask in my forum.



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